My 8 Second Introduction

Time is ticking…

2 min readDec 14, 2020

8 seconds. This is the average human’s attention span, according to Microsoft’s 2015 study. Not long at all really, is it? I can feel these seconds slipping, so now that I’ve got your attention, I’ll dive right in.

Hi, I’m Ellie! Just another girl who has always wanted to create a blog and tick it off my bucket list. I’m excited to get stuck in, as I’ve always been intrigued to explore journalism in greater depth. If 2020 wasn’t the year for a blog, then when would be?

The fact that I’m a final year student studying English at Bournemouth University has certainly pushed me to create this blog. One of my units is ‘News and Journalism’ and our next assignment is to write six blog posts on journalism itself. My blog posts will surround the legal challenges facing journalists, microblogging and multimodality through social media itself.

Those 8 seconds have now evaporated, and it’s pretty mad that you will never get them back. One piece of wisdom that I’ve learnt from my past experience is that you have to stop thinking “I’ll leave this until later” or “I’ll do this tomorrow”. It’s ridiculously easy to fall into this harmful cycle (trust me, I would know!) but “tomorrow” is not guaranteed, neither is “later”, no matter how hard you pine over it. Do it now. Time is the most valuable essence, which is why journalism relies on the now and the present. This is is all we have.

“You think you’ve got time, that’s where you’re going wrong.” Jack Kornfield.

My Introductory Photo

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